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     If you are looking for unique, natural products and artisan made jewelry, you have come to the right place. Not only will I be providing products from the Dominican Republic, such as Larimar, Coconut and Shell artisan made jewelry, I will have unique products from other parts of the world as well.

 During my travels over the past few years, I have come to know many people around the world. My idea is to acquire unique products in different parts of the world and provide them on my website. Examples: Florida Raw honey from the Orange blossom, Natural Moringa and Neem Soap from Thailand, Organic cotton tampons from China, and much more. As the business grows, you will see more and more products from around the world. These products are not only used by me and my family, but I would recommend them to anyone. Our prices also compete with many products on Amazon and what I do with the profit, I hope inspires you.

    My mission is to see this business grow so that I can give more back to my poor people on the south side of the Dominican Republic, in the province called Barahona. For years now, I have been helping my fellow Dominicans by sending boxes of clothes, shoes, food, etc. Not only do I want to continue doing this but also supply jobs for them. To give back is my way of thanking God for the many blessings He has given to me. With every purchase you are not only receiving something unique, you also are clothing a child, feeding an elder, and most of all affecting someone’s life for the good.

A short motto I have been saying ever since I was a young girl, and I keep on saying it. “Soñar no cuesta nada”. Which in English translates to ““Dreaming is free””, need I say more?

Nay G

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Nay G

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Hi world! My name is Nay Grenon (Nay is pronounced Ny). I was born in the city of Santa Cruz de Barahona. Barahona is a unique province on the south side of the Dominican Republic. This part of the island is mostly a rural countryside. So you may think of me as a Dominican country girl. I am 30 years young and full of life. I would consider myself somewhat of an entrepreneur as I love to travel the world, start a new business, and also take on challenges most people where I grew up consider to difficult for a woman to do. I have dual citizenship since 2017, which makes me a Dominican/American and so very proud of it. If you would like to see my journey in a short video, please check out this link:https://youtu.be/MUSqnsLH6Yk

I hope you like the unique products I will be providing.

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